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Ally4Health focuses on the cause of your illness, as well as treating it through natural methods. Our main concern is alleviating health issues through treatments with scientific evidence.

An integrative alternative and mainstream medical practice, we provide patients with the best possible health through addressing both symptoms and causes of illness. By working to optimize the functioning of body organs and systems, we’re able to help our patients maintain optimal health and well-being.

We specialize in:
Autoimmune Disease, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, Micro Needling, Botox,
Toxin Testing, Food inflammation, Chelation, IV Vitamin Therapy, Nutrition, Food Allergies.

Video or In Person Consultation

If you are not sure which service you would best benefit from or would like to meet with a functional medicine provider to discuss your options you can schedule a consultation prior to your appointment.

Vital IV Nutrient Therapies

Our nutrient therapies are quick and highly effective ways to nourish your body with the vitamins, minerals and amino acids it needs to thrive. You can choose from Vitamin Therapy Drips, Injections, and more, to help restore optimum nutrient levels.


Our range of functional medicine helps you take a deep dive into what your body and immune system needs. We can test your hormone levels, analyze your cellular health, test for nutrient deficiencies, and more, and then advise on the best ways to tackle any issues.


We offer scientifically backed innovative therapies to help balance your mind and body, and support your immune system such as Stem Cells, Sauna, Photobiomodulation (Red Light Therapy), and AO Scan (frequency optimization for cell function).

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Discovering Shannon Weber, NP, and her expertise in stem cell therapy and naturopathic treatments at Path to Wellness Clinic transformed my life, alleviating my chronic pain and restoring my mobility. I’m forever grateful for her dedication and personalized care.


Dr. Weber’s expertise in traditional medicine at Ally4Health transformed my health, addressing my digestive issues and fatigue with holistic care. Her dedication and personalized approach are truly unparalleled.


Finding Dr. Shannon Weber, NP, and her exceptional skills in integrative medicine at Ally4Health completely changed my life. Her expertise in combining conventional and alternative treatments helped me regain my energy and overcome chronic fatigue. I’m eternally thankful for her unwavering commitment and tailored approach to my well-being.

Joey Duguay

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